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Near miss predicted for Fremantle

This country is in a mess. Came the news yesterday of an Australian Crime Commission report alleging that organised crime and illicit performance enhancement is widespread in the Australian sporting world, including AFL football. Then there's been the ongoing news of the arrest of corrupt public servants, exposure of mega fraudsters and con artists, shonky taxi drivers, dodgy politicians, shocking murders including the bodyless head at Rottnest and other violent crimes, plus the destruction of a juvenile prison by rioting inmates. There's been plenty of other social dramas as well. The Western Australian road toll is escalating. A couple of days ago one of our children learned of a young friend who had died in a traffic accident. Then there are the impending state and federal elections, with glib politicians at both levels telling us what a good job they are doing, and the wannabes in opposition telling us what a good job they are going to do. I get the feeling than no matter who will be in government things are only going to get worse. However, I suppose we should be grateful that the asteroid 2012 DA14 depicted in the NASA illustration below, and which appears to be aimed at Fremantle is going to register as a near miss on February 15.

Near miss predicted for Fremantle

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