April 17th, 2019

A Fremantlebiz memo to the future.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the blog Fremantlebiz, which I originally started on the 17th of April 2004. Since then all our nine children have grown up and produced seven grandchildren, with at least two more on the way. We have been truly blessed. We two oldsters have continued to grow older too. My darling wife Jill is a sprightly 65 and I will be 74 in a couple of weeks time. However my interest in maintaining the blog has lessened this year. My engagement with Parkinson's has meant that daily entries are a thing of the past. I now do about two short entries a month. In addition the primary reason for this demise are that family orientated interests outweigh everything else. Furthermore, the photo archives I established at Google and Flikr have become inaccessible and the Apple software on my ageing iMac is becoming increasingly redundant. The sobering lesson is that all such technology is an unreliable medium for preserving such stories for future generations. Luckily since inception I've ensured that all my blog entries have monthly been filed, indexed and converted to PDF, and I have created printouts of every one since the outset. That's something I guess. It would be nice to think that with so many descendants the literary effort might have a chance of survival. So I will for the time being continue as at present.

Paul R. Weaver.

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