Paul (fremantlebiz) wrote,

Dreaded lurgies.

The autumn and winter of 2019 has been punctuated by numerous bouts of illness amongst various families in our clan. Several of our adult children and young grandchildren have been afflicted by an assortment of communicable maladies which seem to spread like wildfire causing degrees of anxiety and misery. Hardly a week doesn't pass without my wife receiving some sort of familial information on symptoms of the latest concern. As far as we are aware everyone, young and old, including us two grandparents have had their flu vaccine, but there are plenty of other 'dreaded lurgies' which are circulating in the main population. Reportedly, the emergency departments of local hospitals are crowded to the extent that they are near on perpetual crisis mode dealing with potentially serious ailments. There have been at least 37 deaths from the flu in Western Australia so far this season. Pneumonia victims are apparently many more. On our own domestic front we take all the precautions we can think of. We tacitly discourage visits from those stricken whom are potentially at risk of infecting other members of the family, including us two oldsters.

Paul R. Weaver.

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