Paul (fremantlebiz) wrote,

Me and conscription last century.

Yesterday 25 April was Anzac Day to commemorate the contribution of Australian and New Zealand military veterans to historical strategic campaigns and wars. Last century my birth date was drawn in a conscription lottery and I found myself in the first conscript-draft from Western Australia. My two year enlistment began in mid-1965. Then following some specialised training, in mid 1966 I was offered the option to volunteer to complete 12 months service in S. Vietnam with a Signals unit attached to what was known as the 1st Task Force.  The trip to the war zone was aboard the converted aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney. After my year in Vietnam, in addition there was three years compulsory reserve status which followed which was unpaid. I subsequently resumed a 'normal' life, had a few adventures then married a wonderful woman and together we raised nine equally wonderful children. This week came the exciting news that we are expecting our ninth grandchild.

Paul R. Weaver.

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