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Fremantle Dockers training day - July 2013

Jill and I wandered over Freo's footy central yesterday to watch the intrepid team limber up for the big Western Derby next Sunday:

Training time yesterday at Freo

Alongside the main entrance to Fremantle oval is the old wooden grandstand, Victoria Pavilllion which was built in 1897. That's it showing off in the top-left image. It's one of my favourite historic buildings in the town. It has echoed to many great Fremantle football events. On the street roundabout is a sculpture of a South Fremantle legend John Gerovich taking a sensational mark in 1956. It's based upon a West Australian newspaper photo taken at the time. The other side of the pavilion can be seen in the background of the black and white image. But really I snapped off this shot because I thought it pretty amusing to see so many TV camera persons, men and women, robot-like in single file lugging their gear to a position they collectively seemed to regard as the best spot on the ground. Like with beached porpoises, no one knows exactly why they do it.

You can tell from the smiling faces in my centre photo that the team Freo was in very good spirits. I have no doubts they are destined for a glorious win over the Eagles on Sunday. That's my favourite player, goal-sneak Hayden Ballantyne with the number 1 on his back. He can be seen chatting to ruckman Aaron Sandilands, who is an inch off seven feet tall. I like my photo of Hayden in the next photo too. He was jogging between Nick Suban and Aboriginal star Michael Walters. I wrote about HB's talents on 12 September, 2012: "He’s small, fast, tough, strong, fearless, provocative, cunning, an accurate kicker and a constant menace to the well being of opposition players. Perfect!" I should also add inspiring.

There were many more fans, especially women and children, at yesterday's training session than the one I wrote about last year. That's probably because of the school holidays, plus the team have had such a great season that there's the whiff of a possible grand final in the air. The last photo is of course my wife Jill getting the thumb's up from the club's female mascot Jenny.

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