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Gym excitement beats state election

The state election was held yesterday. Labor regained Fremantle, but didn't get enough voter support to regain government. The Liberals received that mandate once again. Arguably more interesting in the democratic process was the low voter support for the previous female MP for Freo. Same thing for the female MP in the neighbouring seat of Alfred Cove. Both women attracted substantial negative publicity over different personal matters during their parliamentary terms. Now they're both history.

Max sharing the excitement of yesterday's state election

Much more exciting was when Jill and I walked to the local gym on Friday for our daily workout and discovered that our swipe cards didn't work. We could see through the locked glass door that no one was inside, but all the lights were on and the incessant rap music was still blaring incessantly. We needed a health fix fast, so we went to the shop next door and bought some ice cream. Only joking about that. In fact we went across the road to the Coles supermarket and bought a packet of trail mix which had been advertised on special. Trail mix is a delicious mixture of assorted varieties of bird seed and various bits of dried fruit and jungle berries which gym monkeys like us eat instead of hamburgers.

When we returned to the gym it was still in lockdown, but a staff member had arrived and was trying to overcome the situation by typing a code into a mobile phone. An alarm went off inside the building and we could hear a computerised voice urgently speaking to itself. A bit like HAL in the movie 20001; a Space Oddessy. Then the lights went out and total silence reigned. Obviously it was the wrong code.

The gym is part of a national chain, which operates under the supervision of a master computer. Apparently we were not alone in the lockout. Other gyms around the country were similarly effected by 'Big Brother's' fit of pique. We gave up waiting for a resolution and instead came home for a feed of birdseed. After voting yesterday we returned to the gym and were overjoyed to discover the problem had been resolved.

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