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Loose Moose on a Swan River beach

When Jill and I were walking along the Attadale foreshore on Friday afternoon we came to the beach section set aside for dog owners and their mutts to frolic. The first thing we noticed was evidence that a dog with a peg-leg had been there before us. Well peg-leg may not really be the correct term because as can be deduced from the photographic evidence the poor doggie obviously still had some toes. What are the odds a hefty veterinary bill can also be deduced? The second dog track in the image is form another animal going in the opposite direction, but is probably not large enough to have belonged to Moose the Great Dane which/whom appears in the other image.

On the beach - dog tracks and Moose on the loose

We learned from the owner of Moose that about two years ago he'd been the runt of a litter and turned out to be totally deaf. He's grown to be a friendly dog which has overcome his handicap by learning to respond to hand signals - the only problem being that he has to be looking in the right direction to receive them. There were a few distractions at the beach. When we got home we discovered that some of our plumber sons are friends with Moose and his owner, so it just goes to prove what a small world we live in.

I did a Google search on 'deafness in Great Danes' and discovered there is a significant body of information on the subject.

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