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A Saturday report

As I type this morning many hundreds of swimmers are thrashing their way from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island, irrespective of sharks, jellyfish, thermal stress and mal de mer. Amongst these intrepid folk is Elliott, the companion/boyfriend of our number two daughter Fiona. We are very fond of him. Our daughter is on board Elliott's dad's boat awaiting his arrival at the island. Elliott is swimming in a relay team of four former school friends. Needless to say we wish them all good luck and a safe passage.

Yesterday Jill and I did our gym workout in the morning, then after lunch we were still energised enough to do about a 12 km walk from our home through to Black Wall Reach then eastward from Point Water along the southern shore of the Swan River. En-route we saw quite a few black swans feeding, so I took the pic below of them doing their thing with the Perth cityscape in the background:

Swan River from Attadale, 22 February 2013

When I took the pic it was getting late and the weather was starting to appear hostile. It was after 5pm by the time we got home. Rain was falling and the wind was getting up. We had a few concerns for the potential impact on the Rottnest swimmers, but this morning all has been pretty calm. I should also mention that by the time we arrived home our youngest daughter, realising we were going to be late, had cooked up a terrific meal for us. Well done Kylie and thanks.

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