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Plastic jetsam at the Swan River's Blackwall Reach

A curious aspect about the recently announced ban on the use of plastic bags by Fremantle shops is that around here it's relatively rare to see them blowing about in the natural environment. However it's not the case with a myriad of other plastic items. Consider the image below which I took a couple of weeks ago of dry material at the high tideline at the eastern end of Blackwall Reach on the Swan River. The jetsam may or may not include pieces of plastic shopping bag, but closer scrutiny of the image reveals there are plenty of other discarded plastic artefacts of modern civilisation. I've no doubt that this pollutive diversity continues in this region at the macro level. For example late last year Jill and I noticed countless very tiny flecks of coloured plastics present in nearby ocean beach sands. Presumably such plastic continues to be ground down until it reaches a size where it can be unintentionally ingested by many organisms.

Plastic pollution on the shoreline of the Swan River

The state government maintains a website at which is intended to promote greater environmental awareness and encourage the citizenry to become more active in cleaning up litter.

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