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Cats don't use disposable coffee cups

We're having a heatwave here in Freo. I could tell early yesterday that we were in for a hot day when our two moggies slumped on one of our tables, which is strategically located beneath a ceiling fan. But there is something else you are meant to notice in the photo below. It is of course a disposable coffee cup similar to the millions which have pretty well become fashion accessories in the mean streets of our cities. It's one thing to have an iPhone clutched in your hand while scurrying hither and dither, but you are nothing if you don't have a disposable cup of coffee in the other to sip – or is it to pretend to sip, because they can be pretty expensive fashion fixes. Let me paint a slightly different story for our urban shopping centres. A jaded mother might be seen struggling with a couple of snotty nosed brats insistent on running amok, but the chances are her homicidal instinct is being restrained by a disposable cup of freshly ground, barista prepared, brownish swill clutched in her hitting hand.

Cats don't use disposable coffee cups

Disposable coffee cups have become the latest trendy, but unsustainable habit by humans. The combination of materials needed to make them determine that they are not easily recycled, so they mostly end up in landfill. I've read estimates that in excess of half a billion disposable coffee cups were used in Australia last year, and more than 16 billion in the USA. Worldwide the figure is some 500 billion. Personally, I've never bought one. It's true. I stopped buying cups of coffee from cafes well before the disposable trend caught on because I used to get a strep throat from the reusable china cups. My public abstinence has persisted. The empty disposable cup in the image was disposed of yesterday on our front verandah by one of our trendy young adult children.

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