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A moth and a weevil discovered in our house

You might remember the series of photos involving over 30 species of insects which were attracted to the rose bushes in our front garden a few weeks ago. Well, there is nowhere near as much action now. The aphids have vanished and the roses have fully recovered and are in full bloom. Of most of the other species there is no sign either. Nature has been taking a break. All has become boring again.

Or so we thought. Here are a couple of new insect 'action' pics taken inside our house this week. My wife Jill took the one of a wayward moth she found resting on the wall of our dining room a few days ago. The other image is of a small weevil I noticed sitting on the edge of our kitchen sink last night. I feel pretty sure it must have arrived on some vegetables which had been washed a little earlier. We alway feel safer when we discover live insects with our vegetables. Anyway, I rescued the creature from going down the gurgler and after I took its portrait, Jill released it into our garden. Australia has thousands of moth and weevil species so don't expect their scientific names. Life is too short to bother with trying to identify them.

A moth and a weevil discovered in our house

We know people who would whip out a spray can of insecticide whenever such discoveries are made. Currently there are ads from insecticide manufacturers regularly appearing on Australian TV urging people to apply invisible, long lasting, broad spectrum, toxic insect barriers to their homes. Paranoia about all insects is encouraged. The long term implications for the health of the humans is anyone's guess. Probably horrible. We'd much rather have the creepy crawlies in our home thanks very much, which actually we don't find creepy at all.

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