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What, me worry!

Our geraniums are doing just fine this morning - 16 February, 2017
Our geraniums are doing just fine this morning.

I just did a quick skim through the daily newspaper which was delivered to our driveway this morning. I don't know why I bother. Its full of depressing articles I no longer have the patience or desire to digest. It seems that everything and everyone connected with civilisation as we know it is struggling to survive. This includes the declining global and domestic economies, raging global and domestic politics, erosion of our social priorities, the decline of racial tolerance, the rise of superbugs, the impact of global warming, the threat of terrorists and assassins, the proliferation of drug dealers and addicts, overflowing prisons and the risk of total obliteration of the human species by either a rogue asteroid or a thermonuclear war between mentally unstable belligerents in the northern hemisphere. The list of threats we currently face in the second decade of the twenty first century could be worse. Thankfully, our geraniums are doing just fine this morning.

Paul R. Weaver.

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