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Married for 44 years with no regrets.

Paul and Jill Weaver kiss at wedding in 1973
Jill and I cut a cake and kissed at our wedding in 1973.

Today is our forty fourth wedding anniversary. Jill was 20 and I was 27 when were married on a windy Saturday afternoon at the Trinity Congregational Church in St Georges Terrace, Perth. As children we had both been Christened. Jill was from team Congregational and I was a Presbyterian. Both religions united with the Methodists in 1977 to form the Uniting Church of Australia. It must have been a good blend because our marital union ultimately resulted in nine beautiful children arriving between 1978 and 1998. The photo of us kissing was taken as we symbolically held hands to cut our wedding cake in 1973 at the Palace Hotel, which was near to the church. We still have the cake-knife which was later sent to us with an inscription by the hotel management. So today on this anniversary, to my beautiful wife I say without hesitation that I love you darling. We were truly blessed in many ways when we were married forty four years ago.

Paul R. Weaver.

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